Human Face

Beatrice Lacey is passionate about Human Face, the charity for Third World children she helped to found, and its co-founder Adam Carnegie. She has learned to turn a blind eye to some strange goings on, however; parties for donors who don’t seem the philanthropic type and a merry-go-round of `housekeepers’. It’s best not to think about that. But when the latest housekeeper, Eva, suddenly disappears, the police and DI Kelso Strang are called in. Keen to move on from recent personal horrors, Strang revels in the responsibility the investigation affords, as a former sniper, he has no problems with making solitary decisions. But when he and the team make some fatal errors, Strang has his work cut out to avoid the case ending in disaster and death.

5 thoughts on “Human Face

      • I have read most of Templetons books and love human face the most,. I love the characters and the pace is amazing. Never a dull moment. I hope they’re be more in the series, although I love BIg Marge.

        • Thanks so much for this, Olive – a comment like this makes an author’s day! The new DCI Kelso Strang, Carrion Comfort, is out now in paperback and e-book and I’m working on the next one, called Devil’s Garden, for the moment at least. If you’d like to follow me on twitter, it’s ‘alinetempleton

  1. I have read nearly all Aline Templeton books but Human Face is the best ever. It kept me engrossed all the way through. Always a new twist and engaging characters. Hope there are more with these characters coming up, although I miss Big Meg!

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